Mother/Daughter Day

I have wanted to start a blog for awhile, but never took the first step. As an elementary teacher, I find myself reading other teacher’s blogs and loving the ideas and stories they share. I put off starting my blog because I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t have enough to write about. Then I decided that I wouldn’t limit myself to just education. I’m also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, pet owner, music lover, savvy shopper, organizing queen, avid reader, penny-pinching traveller, and friend. This is why I decided to name my blog the Eclectic Educator. I am not going to limit my posts to teacher stuff. I’m going to include all the parts of my world.
So it is fitting that my first post is about a mother/daughter day. Tessa and I drove up to Scottsdale this morning to the new Living Spaces store. No, we were not in need of new furniture. Jeff Lewis from the show Flipping Out was going to be there for a meet and greet! It is my favorite show! We not only got to meet Jeff Lewis, but his partner Gage was there too! They were both so sweet and spoke with each and every fan as if they were old friends. After Tess and I got our photos and chatted with Jeff and Gage, we went for lunch at Picasso Pizza. All in all, it was a perfect afternoon.

Mother/Daughter Day

Tessa and I got to meet Jeff Lewis and his partner Gage in Scottsdale.

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