Get Moving

imageI got new running shoes today! I am in no shape or form an athlete. I jog/run, cycle, work out on the elliptical, complete the 30 minute strength circuit, but am not an athlete. So why would I be excited about new shoes? Because even though I’m not an athlete, I love being active. I exercise in some form, at least 3 days a week. I don’t have a schedule, I don’t have to go a certain number of miles/pace, without feeling like a failure, and I’m not training for a race. I just exercise. If I feel like running, I run.  If I want to read while I exercise, I’ll get on the stationary bike. If I want to switch things up, I’ll do the 30 minute cardio/strength circuit.  The most miles I have run is 10k and I have no desire to go farther. Once the weather cools down and I can run outside again, I will probably go on some longer runs, as I don’t like to stay on the treadmill for more than 40 minutes.  Exercise adds to the quality of my life. I was diagnosed with a chronic disease,  Crohn’s Disease,  in my early 20’s. I know that my active, yet not obsessive, lifestyle has helped me function with this disease. Even though I’m not athletic, I love getting new workout shoes. They will serve me well for the next several months.

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