The Best Laid Plans


I get to begin my reading intervention groups the day after Labor Day! Plans, plans, and more plans. Planning is critical for my students. I need to help them catch up, and get on grade level, as soon as possible.  It is difficult for me to wait more than a month after school starts, to begin my intervention groups, although I understand why it is necessary. I’m on the school benchmark team, so it takes us the first few weeks to get the school-wide assessment taken care of.  So now, the students have been strategically grouped and we are ready to hit the ground running.  Three of my groups are made up of ELL students. So besides the reading instruction, I will provide them with 30 minutes of their speaking and listening instructional minutes. These lessons take a lot of time to develop. Teaching the ELA Common Core Standards, ELL Speaking and Listening Standards, incorporating grade level Science and Social Studies Standards, and selection of materials, takes a lot of time to piece together.  I have been teaching reading for more than 20 years and have not found a shortcut yet. I don’t mind putting in the time. My kids deserve it! They are great kids who want to learn.  I realize that I will never be compensated for my time, in a financial way, but I’m compensated daily when I look at the smiles on the those little faces!

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