Furry Family Members


I bet that I could ask fifty people what the picture above is of, and none of them would guess correctly. I’d get responses like, “What a cute picture of your dogs ” or maybe ” What a cute border collie, chihuahua, and papillon”. Neither of theses responses would be correct.  This is a photo of three family members.  Jack, the border collie mix, is my grandson, Tillie, the chihuahua, is my niece, and Abbey Road “Abbey”, is my 3rd child. These three, are furry family members. They each have distinct likes and dislikes, and all have great personalities!

I am one of those people who could not live without a pet.   I got my first dog, Candy, at the age of 5, and  now could not imagine opening the front door without a puppy running up to greet me.  Sure they require work, and I have to mop and vacuum more than non-pet owners, and you have to figure out where they will stay when you go on vacation, but they are worth it. I talk to them, confide in them, and have even composed songs, that I sing to them.  Anyone who has not owned a pet, has no idea of positive affect on their spirit and soul.
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One Response to Furry Family Members

  1. alfiethepap says:

    Your right there! They are all just four legged family members. It sounds silly but sometimes I forget that Alfie is a dog. Because he isn’t a dog called Alfie. His is Alfie who just happens to be a dog. Have fun with your fuzzy family 🙂 x

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